Windows Restore

Passing your computer off to someone else? Having general problems with your computer? Simply want to speed up your computer by starting fresh? MVP Electronics provides fast and quick Windows Installations to bring your computer’s operating system back to factory new condition!

Most systems are completed on the same day given enough time and we do not run into any problems.

We charge $55 and take about 4-6 hours for most machines.

(Mac Computers/OSX) We charge $60 and take about 4 hours.

Retaining User Data is not a problem for us! Keep your old documents, pictures, music, videos and other files with a freshly installed operating system!

User Data Backup starts from $20 to a max of $50. There may be rare instances where we charge more, but we will ALWAYS contact you whenever the bill exceeds our estimations.

We currently do not provide services or support for Linux machines of any distro. (That includes Ubuntu of course.)

We currently do not provide any on-site services or pick-up/drop-off services.